July 21, 2021


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LEWA accuses ministry of shortchanging VHW

LEWA accuses ministry of shortchanging VHW

The Minister of Health Semano Sekatle

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THE Lesotho Workers Association (LEWA) has taken a shot at the Ministry of Health, accusing it of shortchanging Village Health Workers (VHW).

According to the Labour Code, the minimum wage of the VHW is set at M1 768 not the M400 – M800 they receive quarterly.

LEWA Secretary General, Hlalefang Seoaholimo said they have lodged a complaint against the Ministry of Health, adding that the case is expected to be heard before the end of the month.  

He said when the ministry paid all health workers their risk allowances as front liners against the COVID-19 pandemic, the VHW were left out.

“This was unfair treatment because they too deserved to get the risk allowances as they are also front liners who face the same challenges like other health workers.”

He said the Ministry of Health explained that it was unable to pay the VHW due to incorrect data which is yet to be corrected.
He however, blamed the health officers for dragging their feet towards correcting that data, claiming that they have a lot of ghost workers who are being illegally paid, hence the delay to correct it.

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''Only two districts have incorrect data as the rest of the districts have their data in order. All districts ought to have been paid together, with the back payments beginning last year,'' Mr Seoaholimo said, adding that they are still waiting for a savingram from the Ministry of Public Service that will facilitate the payment.

Attempts to get a comment on the matter from the Ministry of Health were unsuccessful. LeNA

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