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LRCS curbs spread of COVID-19 in crowded areas

Tippy taps built in Mokhotlong

Aug. 24, 2020 2 min read

2 min read

MOKHOTLONG - In a bid to curb the spread of COVID-19, the Lesotho Red-Cross Society (LRCS) in collaboration with Standard Lesotho Bank last week launched a M217 000 worth project aimed at constructing a total of 30 tippy taps in all the 10 districts of Lesotho.

The project which was rolled out in Mokhotlong on Wednesday mainly targets crowded places like bus terminals and taxi ranks.  

In Mokhotlong, six areas have already been identified for the project.

The president of LRCS Silas Mosuhli said washing hands with soap and running water remains the most important way used in the fight against the pandemic.

“This is why it is ideal to construct the tippy taps in crowded places so that people will be able to wash their hands frequently when they are in such areas,” Mosuhli said, adding that the risk of infection in those crowded places is relatively high.

The marketing manager of Standard Lesotho Bank Manyathela Kheleli said the donation is meant to help the country fight the COVID-19 pandemic through assisting communities to adhere to the World Health Organisation (WHO) protocols.

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“Because COVID-19 is a global pandemic, Standard Lesotho Bank Kheleli saw the need to help communities fight the virus in many ways including the construction of the tippy taps,” Kheleli said.

Thanking the benefactors, Mohlalefi Kokoropo who spoke on behalf of the beneficiaries said they were already struggling with COVID-19 prevention measures.

The donation he said came at the right time, pledging that they will take good care of the tippy taps to ensure their own safety. The construction of the tippy taps is expected to kick off in the other nine districts soon.

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