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MG Health gets green-light to trade abroad

MG Health employees processing the cannabis

April 17, 2021 2 min read

2 min read

LESOTHO-based cultivator and manufacturer of medical cannabis flower, extracts and oils known as MG Health have received official confirmation that their stringent manufacturing process is aligned with the European Union’s good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards.

This was announced by MG Health Chief Executive Officer, Andre Bothma at a media briefing in Maseru on Thursday.
The confirmation he said makes MG Health the first manufacturer in Africa to be able to export medical cannabis flower as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) to the EU market out of less than 20 companies worldwide, having achieved this certificate of trust.
Mr Bothma said the GMP guidelines state that the minimum requirements that a manufacturer must meet include ensuring that their products consistently maintain high quality, from batch to batch for their intended use.
He also said effectively opening up global medical markets for the company, alignment with GMP standards will give doctors the certainty they require that the product they are prescribing to their patients is consistent of a high quality, safe and effective.
The recent confirmation of EU GMP compliance for MG Health he said was granted by the government of the Upper Bavaria district in Germany after a request for import was made by Drapalin Pharmaceuticals, the strategic partner of MG Health in Germany.


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Speaking at the same event, MG Health Development Officer, Luke Van Der Nest said now that they have received the confirmation, they intend to begin exporting to European markets from June since they have only been exporting to Switzerland and Israel among other countries.
He said they face several challenges when exporting the cannabis as it requires a special treatment and temperature as well as a huge amount of capital.

MG Health is a Lesotho based company licensed to cultivate and manufacture pharmaceutical grade cannabis extracts and products for the emerging medical cannabis industry. It first received a business license to operate as a vertically integrated producer of medicinal cannabis flower and extracts in 2017 and all operations are conducted according to EU GMP standards. LeNA

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