Sept. 2, 2021


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Nothing wrong with Covid vaccine – Sekatle

Nothing wrong with Covid vaccine – Sekatle

Minister of Health, Semano Sekatle

Story highlights

  • Three of the five dead had comorbidities
  • The deaths were well-investigated

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THE Minister of Health, Semano Sekatle says three of the five people who recently died in Leribe after receiving their COVID-19 shots, had cardiovascular, sugar diabetes, HIV/ AIDS and Tuberculosis (TB) comorbidities.

He was speaking at a press briefing on Wednesday in Maseru where he presented a final report on investigations into the five deaths that were associated with the COVID-19 vaccination programme, particularly with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Mr Sekatle said the deaths were well investigated by two special groups of health gurus, that included epidemiological and public health experts, adding that both parties’ findings show that there was nothing wrong with the vaccine used.

The first batch of experts, he said visited the homes of the victims, to establish their health histories before the vaccination.

He said they also investigated the health centres where the vaccinations were conducted along with other people who received their jabs at the same centres and on the same days.

The second batch of experts, he said was composed of local health experts, personnel from the World Health Organisation (WHO), the African Union (AU) and leading experts on allergies after vaccination from Australia.

He said after examining the bodies of the deceased, their samples were transferred to South Africa at independent laboratories for further investigations.

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“There was nothing wrong with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and nothing was found to be amiss with the vaccination programme or the vaccination centres,” he said.

“Three of the five dead people were found with comorbidities - COVID-19, heart problems, sugar diabetes, HIV/AIDS and TB.

“The fourth person suffered a shock, which is said to be a rare condition, while the fifth died from high blood pressure and heart diseases. It was also discovered that the person was not using their medical prescription properly,” he said.

Dr Richard Banda from WHO congratulated the ministry for coming out openly and conducting the investigations.

He confirmed that as WHO, they have been following up on the investigation process and have full details of what transpired, adding they were content with the findings.







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