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Nurses fight for salary hike intensifies

LNA members including Raphael Tlali in all white outfit

Feb. 2, 2021 2 min read

2 min read

FOR years, the Lesotho Nurses Association (LNA) has complained about the under paid nurses and nursing assistants who work for the Queen ’Mamohato Memorial Hospital (QMMH), Net Care Lesotho, yet they are the backbone of the health care system in Lesotho.

Although president of LNA Raphael Tlali said the health facility commonly known as Tšepong is keen to review the nurses and nursing assistants’ salaries, however the challenge is that the government is taking forever to find a lasting solution to this long standing affair.

On January 25, LNA wrote a letter to QMMH seeking a review of the nursing staff salaries.

In the letter, the body requested a salary increase for its members to the level not lower than the government salary scales.

The letter stated that the nursing staff at Tšepong works long hours, adding that all local hospitals and health centres refer their patients to the facility notwithstanding that its nurses are the least remunerated.

LNA also said some of its members actually work in the firing line of COVID-19 (WARD H), appealing for better compensation of such workers.

The body further said the health care givers have shown their unfaltering dedication to the hospital and Basotho at large, adding that COVID-19 is dangerous and has cost many of them their lives already.

The least the institution can do, the LNA further showed is “to compensate them accordingly”.

In its response, the hospital said the salary discrepancy is a matter that the facility is aware of, adding that it also highly appreciates the LNA’s concerns.

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It further showed that it has already engaged the relevant party, hence it is unable to engage in discussions with any third party.

Tšepong spokesperson Mothepane Thahane said with the matter now before court, the hospital has no say in it until the court makes its own ruling.

Prior to the complaint being hauled in court, the LNA had raised its concerns with the Ministry of Health, hopeful that the latter would intervene, but to no avail.

Although the nursing staff’s concerns are yet to be addressed, Mr Tlali however said the health care providers will continue serving the nation like before, until their grievances have been answered.

“Even though my office has received reports that LNA members not only at QMMH, but also at other health centres are on go-slow, we will however, work tirelessly to ensure that they do their work accordingly,” he also said.

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