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PM urges Basotho to be cautious during Easter

Prime Minister Dr Moeketsi Majoro

April 3, 2021 3 min read

3 min read

PRIME Minister Dr Moeketsi Majoro has strongly urged Basotho to be cautious while also observing the COVID-19 protocols during the Easter holidays.


He said everyone should be responsible for He said they should not let their guard down during the holidays, adding they must remember that COVID-19 still exists.

Dr Majoro further urged the nation to recall the crisis the country was in after December holidays when there was no oxygen in health centres with health workers under pressure as more patients were hospitalised.

This he said on Thursday night, adding the country does not want the same experience.

“Some migrants started arriving on Thursday while others are still on their way, especially those who are arriving through illegal crossings. They have to go to the nearest health centres before entering their villages or better yet report themselves to their chiefs and community councilors who will ensure that they get tested for COVID-19.”
Those who use legal ports of entry, he said should have valid passports along with COVID-19 certificate which are not older than 72 hours.

He said if they do not have COVID-19 certificates, rapid tests will be conducted at the border and if results are negative, such people will be allowed into the country.

“Those who test positive will be transferred to isolation centres where they will stay for 10 to 14 days. That is important for them to ensure that they are tested before traveling.

Dr Majoro said since the Maseru and Maputsoe borders are operating for 24 hours during the holidays, permits are provided to public transport operators in order to ferry passengers to their destinations even during the curfew hours.
He reminded Basotho not to have social gatherings adding that they are free to go to their different churches under the COVID-19 protocols.

the actions they take especially since COVID-19 is still here. He showed that getting the COVID-19 vaccine doses is not going to be easy at all as countries such as the U.S. the United Kingdom (UK), Russia and China would like to first ensure that their citizens get the doses before sending the vaccines to other countries.

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“World leaders are currently at war in a bid to get doses for their nationals first in what others dub as vaccine injustice,” he noted.
He said out of the 100 million doses which were promised to the African Union (AU) by COVAX, only 12 million were delivered, adding that COVAX has not even confirmed when the next batch will be delivered.

Lesotho he said is expected to get 800 000 doses from AU therefore with the prevailing circumstances of countries like US, UK, Russia and China wanting to ensure that their citizens get doses first, it is still not clear when Lesotho's doses will arrive.
Dr Majoro commended South Africa for the world-class vaccine manufacturing facility which rates amongst the best in the world, saying that is a great achievement for South Africa.
Latest reports on COVID-19 in the country show that there are 10 706 positive cases, 4 471 recoveries and 315 deaths while tests conducted so far are about 67 910.

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