July 4, 2021


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Public health regulations amended

Public health regulations amended

Minister of Health Semano Sekatle

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THE government of Lesotho through the Minister of Health, Semano Sekatle has issued Legal Notice No.74 of 2021 which amends the Public Health COVID-19 Risk Determination and Mitigation Measures) Amendment No.6 Regulations of 2021.

According to the gazette, an owner, manager or a person in charge of a business, an institution, enterprise, facility or entity or an organiser of any activity who contravenes provisions of the regulation commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding M10 000 or imprisonment for a period not exceeding two months or both.
The gazette shows that the curfew remains in place from 10pm to 4am.
Political rallies and entertainment shows are prohibited while political committees are permitted to convene with maximum of 100 participants. Public gatherings (pitsos) are only allowed if they are on COVID-19 awareness and should not be attended by people exceeding 100.
Funerals are allowed albeit with not over 100 mourners in attendance. While gymnasiums are not allowed to open, weddings are however to be attended by 50 people and buffet services are prohibited.

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All gatherings should be held during the day and should not go for more than three hours. Screening and COVID-19 protocols are expected to be observed in all gatherings.
The latest COVID-19 updates show that of the 795 tests conducted, 24 are positive, with 31 recoveries.

So far 115 657 tests have been conducted with 11 568 positive cases, 6 492 recoveries and 329 related deaths.

Lesotho recorded its first COVID-19 case on May13, 2020. LeNA

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