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Scores of nurses test positive for COVID-19

Jan. 9, 2021 2 min read

2 min read

THE Christian Health Association of Lesotho (CHAL) has reported that over 20 of its members have so far contracted the COVID-19.

According to CHAL Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Lilete Selapane, the health workers infected with the deadly virus during the festive season are from the Tebellong hospital in Qacha’s Nek, Scott hospital in Morija along with the Emmaus and Motsekuoa health centres in Mafeteng.

CHAL currently provides more than 40% of health care in Lesotho through a network of eight hospitals and 71 health centres as well as four nursing colleges.

All the health facilities are situated in the 10 districts of Lesotho.

The mishap, Mr Selapane said has led to acute shortage of nurses at the health centres, forcing the remaining staff to work under immense pressure.

CHAL has also called for the institutes to decrease the number of patients attended to per day, as a way of reducing further chances of spreading the coronavirus.

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The infected nurses, Mr Selapane said have been quarantined while the CHAL is searching for people they might have been in contact with so that they could also be tested.

“This is a frustrating situation that calls for us to reconsider several methods of protecting our staff as well as the patients. All patients arriving at our health centres are screened for symptoms and sanitised. Those showing signs are separated from the others, while they are being attended to,” he also said.

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