Jan. 25, 2022


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Sesiu sponsors vaccine technology

Sesiu sponsors vaccine technology

Chairman of Sesiu-sa-letšoele-le-beta-poho, Sam Matekane

Story highlights

  • The vaccine technology system will be used to track vaccinated people and issue reports remotely
  • The approach allows for easily and cheaply verifiable vaccination records to be kept

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SESIU-sa-letšoele-le-beta-poho, a Lesotho private business fund established in the fight against COVID-19, has sponsored the Government with a digitised block-chain system that will record vaccination data collection in real time.

The vaccine technology system offered by a company called VXPASS, will be used by the Ministry of Health to track vaccinated individuals and issue reports remotely.

While it will provide a digital vaccine card that offers a block-chain based vaccine administration and verification platform, it will also assist in having virtual vaccination cards to avoid lost and fabricated cards.

The Chairman of the fund, Sam Matekane said digital equipment was efficient to the administration of COVID-19 vaccination programmes, verification of completed vaccine courses and the vaccination type as well as the dates of administration. 

Mr Matekane is also the founder and Chairman of the Matekane Group of Companies (MGC).

“With just a scan, one can access any public service centre as now required by the law,” he said. “We are moving into a technology future and Lesotho will not be left behind.”

In May 2021, the digital technology company announced that it had signed an agreement with Sesiu, under which VXPASS would be contracted to manage the first 560 000 vaccinations to be administered by Sesiu in Lesotho.

The plan is to have a full 1.2 million people vaccinated and verified.

VXPASS was also selected to lead the COVID-19 vaccine monitoring and administration processes in Lesotho and listed as an approved digital vaccine card provider.

The company offers a block-chain based digital vaccine administration and verification platform, with all data being stored on the BSV block-chain.

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The approach allows for easily and cheaply verifiable vaccination records to be kept and checked efficiently, while still allowing vaccinated citizens to retain their privacy and ownership of their medical records. 

Healthcare data has been long overdue for migration from analogue to digital recording and digital verification of health records is a phenomenon, which would not only improve efficiency and data sovereignty but would also save many lives.

Mr Matekane said Sesiu had opened three vaccination sites to all eligible for COVID-19 vaccination. With the assistance of the Ministry of Health in storing and providing vaccination, he said their sites had, so far, vaccinated 15 000 people.

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