March 15, 2022


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Top Chinese medical team is here

Top Chinese medical team is here

The newly arrived Chinese medical team

Story highlights

  • The medical gurus will remain in Lesotho for a year
  • The team is committed to improving Lesotho’s health service delivery

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A team of six Chinese medical doctors arrived here on Friday last week and had promised to serve Basotho with high quality health services.

The medical experts will be in the country for one year to support the ailing Lesotho’s health system.

Head of the team, Dr HongYan Az said they were committed to improving Lesotho’s health service delivery as part of strengthening the two countries’ relations for the future.

Dr James Fan, director of clinical services in the Ministry of Health said health services challenges as well as clinical services in Lesotho demanded support from the Chinese.

Dr Fan said the team would be working at the regional Motebang Hospital, where they would cooperate with other local medical teams in different wards.

The team was expected to quarantine for two weeks for COVID-19 and then start work immediately.  

The Chinese team comprises aesthetician, general surgeon, orthopedic doctor, radiologist and team leader.

Dr Fan said this was a priority they had requested and China had agreed with Lesotho to support in these specialised areas.

The medical team will work in other hospitals such as Paray, Mokhotlong and Qacha’s Nek.

Since 1997, China has sent 15 medical teams and more than 160 doctors to Lesotho to provide medical assistance, making positive contributions to China-Lesotho cooperation in the field of health and diplomatic relations between the two countries.

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At the invitation of Lesotho, the two governments have signed the protocol on dispatching a Chinese Medical Team to Lesotho (2021-2026) on October 22, 2021.

The nine-member medical team is composed of doctors with more than five years of clinical experience. The current 16th medical team includes the six new doctors, and three doctors of the 15th medical team, which will continue to work in Lesotho for one year.

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