Aug. 9, 2021


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UN concerned about youth struggles

UN concerned about youth struggles

UN Secretary-General, António Guterres

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UNITED Nations (UN) Secretary-General António Guterres says young people are on the frontline of the struggle to build a better future for all.

This, he stated prior to the commemoration of the International Youth Day on August 12, adding that the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the dire need for the kind of transformational change they seek and young people must be full partners in that effort.
He said this year’s International Youth Day highlights solutions developed by young innovators to address challenges to the food systems.

He said youth are tackling inequities in food security, biodiversity loss, threats to environment and much more.
Mr Guterres said the youth see the same drive, creativity, and commitment in many other areas from gender equality to education and skills development.

He however, showed that young people cannot do it on their own, adding that they need allies to ensure that they are engaged, included and understood.
The Secretary General said guided by the UN system-wide Youth Strategy, the Youth2030 and UN are strengthening their work for and with young people worldwide.

He further urged everyone to guarantee young people a seat at the table as all build a world based on inclusive, fair, and sustainable development for all.

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With the world’s population expected to increase by 2 billion people in the next 30 years, it has become recognised by numerous stakeholders that simply producing a larger volume of healthier food more sustainably will ensure human and planetary wellbeing.
Other crucial challenges must also be addressed, such as the inter-linkages embodied by the 2030 Agenda including poverty reduction; social inclusion; health care; biodiversity conservation; and climate change mitigation.
It has been acknowledged that there is a need for inclusive support mechanisms that ensure youth continue to amplify efforts collectively and individually to restore the planet and protect life, while integrating biodiversity in the transformation of food systems.
The theme of International Youth Day 2021, “Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health”, highlights the success of such a global effort will not be achieved without the meaningful participation of young people. LeNA

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