June 9, 2021


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UN speaks on ecosystem restoration

UN speaks on ecosystem restoration

The WFP Country Director Aurore Rusiga

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THE pandemic that the world has been dealing with for years, has now shown how disastrous the consequences of ecosystem loss can be.

By shrinking the area of natural habitat for animals, it has created an ideal condition for pathogens, including the coronavirus to spread.

For this year’s edition of the World Environment Day, the United Nations (UN) Lesotho partnered with the British High Commission in Maseru, Vodacom Lesotho and the American International School, to host a clean-up campaign of the area in which they operate.

Speaking at the campaign that was held in Maseru on June 4, the World Food Programme (WFP) Country Director Aurore Rusiga said the call for ecosystem restoration is actually a cry for healing the planet.

With its aim to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystem world-wide, she said all have a role to play as communities, governments and individuals to restore ecosystem.

Ms Rusiga said ecosystem restoration can take many forms such as planting trees, not littering, collecting litter, recycling garbage and changing diets.

From the British High Commission Commissioner, Anne Macro said the day is commemorated to learn about the environment and how to better look after it.

She said everything that people need in order to survive comes from the natural environment.

“The air that we breathe, the water that we drink and the food that we eat, so the less we learn to look after the environment, the more our kids will grow up in a world that is much dangerous and difficult.”

She said looking after the environment is something that needs to be done 365 days of the year, not only on the World Environment Day.

The day she said, was not only meant to clean the litter, but was also intended to remind people to minimise garbage through reusing and recycling it.

One of the learners, Seabi Kolobe from the American International School said she felt that the day was not only meant to spread the message about what they can do to help the planet, but also to ensure that the environment is clean, as well as keeping everyone safe, including animals.

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Ecosystem restoration means preventing, halting and reversing the damage, to go from exploiting nature to healing it, by actively planting trees or by removing pressures so that nature can recover on its own.

Every year, the World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 to raise awareness on the effects of litter pollution on the environment; and what individuals can do to protect the natural world and prevent climate change, as well as to encourage other organisations and individuals to undertake their own initiatives to protect the environment.

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