July 30, 2021


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99 Days to Corolla Cross

99 Days to Corolla Cross

The 2021 Toyota Corolla Cross

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IN just 99 days, one of SA's most beloved nameplates will spawn an all-new model - the much-anticipated locally-built Toyota Corolla Cross.

The Corolla name has a rich and diverse history spanning 12 generations, and while locally it has been limited to sedan, five-door hatchback and station wagon variants, globally it has been offered in a multitude of guises and configurations. With the introduction of the Corolla Cross - the world's favourite car enters new territory and signifies the first-ever Corolla SUV/Crossover. This newest iteration of Corolla will proudly share showroom space with its Quest, Hatch and latest-generation Sedan siblings.

Corolla Cross Concept

The Corolla has continued to evolve in line with the needs of the times and of the regions it is sold in. By adding a new model to the Corolla series to suit the growing demand of SUVs, the enhanced Corolla line-up enables customers to select the model that better suits their diverse lifestyles and life stages.

With "Corolla Meets SUV" being the key phrase for the development of the Corolla Cross, the model was designed as a new type of SUV that combines all the key Corolla credentials with utility - in a manner that exceeds customer expectations. The TNGA platform (GA-C) has enabled the Corolla Cross to achieve high-quality performance, a comfortable ride, and outstanding quietness. In addition to its exceptional comfort, the Corolla Cross provides a spacious cabin, easy entry into and exit from the car, class-leading luggage space suitable for all scenarios, and safety equipment inherited from the Corolla series. In this way, the new model realises comfort, utility, and peace of mind for customers.

The Corolla Cross will slot in above the C-HR and below the RAV4 models, both in terms of size and powertrain configuration.

Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA)

The benefits of the TNGA platform have already been showcased in the Prius, C-HR and E210 Corolla (sedan and hatch) models. TNGA provides excellent ride quality, without compromising agility and driver feedback - resulting in a car that 'just feels right'. Occupants are also rewarded with a spacious cabin that offers superb visibility with a stylish yet highly-ergonomic interior design.

Exterior Styling

The Corolla Cross fuses the striking design language of the Corolla Sedan and Hatch models with a SUV-shape to provide a harmonious design. Large, elongated headlamps flank a prominent trapezoidal radiator grille, which is further accentuated by the broad 'upswept' lower bumper. Deep vertical design lines on the outer edges of the bumper, help create a 'sturdy' frontal view.

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50 Million Corolla's Sold

The introduction of a Corolla SUV fittingly coincides with a remarkable landmark in the model's history. The humble Corolla nameplate is set to achieve 50 million global sales in 2021 - firmly cementing it as the world's best-selling car. The 10-million mark was eclipsed in 1983 with the model doubling sales to 20- million by 1994. Thirty million was achieved by 2005 with the magical 40-million milestone reached in 2012.

Corolla Lineage

The Corolla nameplate needs no introduction - first launched in November of 1966, it marked the start of great things, not only for Toyota but Japanese automakers as a whole, as Japan experienced a period of rapid economic advancement, population growth and societal revolution. Named after the ring of petals on the central part of a flower, this was Toyota's first mainstream compact car.

Featuring a compact yet sporty bodyshape and 1100cc four-cylinder engine, the Corolla found favour from Day one. This model along with the larger second-generation 'E20' went on to become global success stories, drawing in buyers across the globe. The second-generation Corolla also introduced additional bodyshapes offering buyers a two-door coupe and four-door van - in addition to the two- and four-door sedans of the pioneering 'E10'.

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