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Historic Moshoeshoe Walk ready for 2021

Participants at a past edition of the walk cross a river along their way

Dec. 8, 2020 3 min read

3 min read

ANOTHER edition of the momentous Moshoeshoe Walk, which traces the path King Moshoeshoe I took as he led his Basotho nation to the sanctuary of the Thaba Bosiu plateau in the 19th century, will be held from March 11 – 13, 2021.

The historic walk starts from Menkhoaneng in the Leribe district and ends in Thaba Bosiu, Maseru.

The annual event that began in 2007 has been hailed by His Majesty King Letsie III, as a successful historic and international milestone for Basotho.

The three-day journey of approximately 116km aims to re-kindle the spirit of unity among Basotho as it is embodied in the legacy left by the founder King Moshoeshoe I.

The event also offers an opportunity to trace all locations that are key to the history of Basotho, according to the founder of the initiative, Thabo Maretlane of T-Connexion.

Last Saturday, a group of tourists participated in a warm-up tour in preparation for the main event scheduled for next year.

Under the title ‘Moshoeshoe Walk Warm-up’, Lehlohonolo Khoalenyane also from T-Connexion told Metro that they walked from Ha ’Makhoroana to Malimong in Berea.

In the last episode of the main event held in March, Maretlane had expressed his gratitude to both Their Majesties for participating in the show, despite the threat of the COVID-pandemic, which had just broke out in Lesotho.

Her Majesty Queen ’Masenate was actually part of the first group of participants that made it to the finish line.

The edifying show also entices participants from all over the southern African region, including countries such as South Africa, eSwatini, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Addressing the masses in Thaba Bosiu during the closing ceremony at the end of last year’s walk, His Majesty was amazed at the zest and dedication that the participants had shown throughout the three grueling days.

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“I highly appreciate your insatiable appetite for pain,” he said jokingly congratulating them, hopeful that the participants enjoyed the walk despite the pains that come with it.

The King was hopeful that the walk will continue to unite people from different countries and cultures, saying it signifies what the founding father of the Basotho nation stood for.

“He was in indeed a great unifier as he made one nation out of all tribes that came from across all over the southern African region,” he also said.

     In 2019, nearly 750 participants from Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa joined the people of Lesotho in the walk. Proceeds earned from the walk’s entry fee benefit local underprivileged children through purchasing school uniforms and books for them.

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