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I take pride in African women – Stoney Face

Feb. 13, 2021 3 min read

3 min read

SOTHO hop artiste Lefu Kotlolo better known in music circles as Stoney Face has called on other musicians to promote music through the use of Sesotho to show their pride as Basotho.

The 33-year-old Leribe-born multi-talented star who also owns a trendy designer label, PMD (Proud Mosotho Designs) has just released a single track called Ngoana oa Moafrika, which makes special reference to an African woman.

“The long-awaited number encourages listeners to take pride in their African women. We should not shy away from who we are. Instead, we should cherish the natural beauty of our women. Let’s give them that kind of confidence that will make them feel proud of themselves,” the graphic designing graduate from the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology says.

The single track that was released on January 31 can be accessed and downloaded from the internet.

“Numerous artistes from across the world use this simple and prompt alternative platform for marketing as well as selling their music.

“Since the breakout of Coronavirus, entertainers are no longer able to organise live performances either in Lesotho or anywhere in the world and this is where the internet comes in. Fans can listen and watch videos of latest tracks on their smart phones and computers at a minimal cost. I’m also working on an EP - a compilation of songs made for promotional use that I will promote via the same medium of internet,” he notes.    

Sotho-hop is a music genre influenced by Hip-Hop in which singers recite poems in Sesotho, addressing various societal issues. Sometimes the lyrics are spiced up with a little of English words to articulate the message.

Ngoana oa Moafrika follows another hit song called Ho Monate Bosiu, that Stoney-Face produced with Mbhehlembhehle and its final mastering was done by a United Kingdom-based Mosotho sound engineer.

Stoney Face began his music career in 2009 while studying at Motheo FET College in Bloemfontein, South Africa and has since released three albums.

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His debut album is titled Monikasi and is dedicated to his home village, St Monica’s in Leribe.

Thereafter he released Ke Nare which comprises tracks such as Ha ke’are lintja li fasoe.

His third album - Ghetto Life has tracks like Ipate moo mo u teng, which is quite popular amongst youth.

The song was widely performed at various entertainment venues in Maseru and Berea, including at the Banesa Gardens in Sehlabeng sa Thuathe.

“Most of the time my supporters complain that I take a long time before I release a new album but I always tell them that to produce high quality music, an artiste has to take time crafting that album.

“Most radio stations often complain that songs produced by local artistes are substandard and therefore they refuse to give them airplay,” says Stoney Face, who also works for Lesotho Post Bank as a graphic designer.





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