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Jackie Phamotse on celebrities who use dark magic for wealth

Award-winning SA author Jackie Phamotse

Nov. 13, 2020 2 min read

2 min read

JOHANNESBURG - Since casting the spotlight on some of Mzansi's famous faces apparently using “snakes” and “witchcraft” to achieve success, award-winning author Jackie Phamotse is in deep prayer with fears of being silenced.

In an IGTV Live video that generated over 100,000 views, Jackie said: “I'm not saying all rich people live like this, no. I'm saying there's a small portion of people who live like this consistently. They will make you believe that they've got gigs, they've got endorsements. They will make you believe they are selling these products that are giving them millions.

“But behind that facade, there are four or five men who are funding this. They are consistently going to sangomas, they are consistently changing friends because the more the friends know, the trickier it becomes,” Jackie claimed.

Jackie’s name soon made it on the Twitter trends list generating mixed reactions. Some people called her out for “seeking attention”, while others thanked her for opening up a much-needed conversation such as “ukuthwala”.

With all the backlash and praise she received on social media, Jackie lifted the lid on allegations that people wanted to silence her.

She took to Instagram and said, “The Bare Nation is strong man. I don’t even have to say a damn thing. Thank you for defending me, honestly I was drained and need time to pray.

“You are fighting my battles and it’s hard I know. But remember why we are doing this ... we have to protect our youth because they don’t know better.”

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Jackie claimed SA had “weak leaders” and that she was trying to do her best to help those she can.

“I promise you it’s painful to be the only one standing up and voicing out issues but I know someone needs help. Don’t let them silence us.” 

Jackie revealed she was in “deep prayer” as some people want to see her voiceless. “I won’t give up now. I promise, please don’t give up on me.” TshasaLive

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