July 21, 2021


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Liteboho Molise's hunger for more intrigue

Liteboho Molise's hunger for more intrigue

Top Lesotho-born actress, Liteboho Molise

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TOP Lesotho-born actress, Liteboho Molise who is currently making waves in the South African film industry, says she is yet to reach the peak of her acting career.

The political science degree graduate from The National University of Lesotho (NUL) auditioned for a role in the SABC 2 soapie Muvhango in 2014, a job which has since changed her life for the better.

The auditions were held in Lesotho.

From playing the villainous Tebogo on Muvhango to the vulnerable and traditional Mosotho woman, Seipati on Lingashoni, the versatile actress is quickly becoming a household name on SA television.
However, she observes her new role in Lingashoni which began premiering on 1Magic DStv channel 103 from March 22, at 19.30pm from Mondays to Thursdays, as not challenging enough.
"I feel like I’m always playing the rural girl from Lesotho, and I want to move away from that. I would like to tackle a role of a serial killer, something that pushes me to the limit and is unexpected from me. I wouldn’t mind playing a role in a musical as well, something along the lines of Sister Act or Dream-Girls – I think that would be so much fun," she chuckles.

"I’d also like the challenge of playing the role of a lawyer much like Sandra Stein.
“I want to have my own production company one day and act in a show I created myself. That would be the ultimate achievement.”
Lingashoni has a star-studded cast which includes Patrick Mofokeng, Thuli Thabethe and Thato Molamu, among others.
The show is about a man who has amnesia and after 10 years as a farmworker, he realises that before his memory loss, he was actually a successful tenderprenuer. 
After witnessing a murder by a prominent politician - Joburg mayor, Robert Nondumo (Luzuko Nkqeto), monied ‘tenderpreneur’ Mandla Cele (Patrick Mofokeng) goes on the run. He survives a murder and losses his memory in the process.
He is discovered by Seipati Moeketsi (Liteboho Molise), a farmworker and her two children along a riverbank and he (Mandla) starts a new life with them as Themba.

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He weds Seipati and lives a contented life on the farm, until 10 years later when an incident leads to him getting flashbacks about his real life as Mandla Cele. 
Talking about her character in the series, the Lesotho pride from Butha-Buthe says: "Seipati is so beautiful and she makes me emotional whenever I talk about her. There are so many layers to Seipati. She’s such a vulnerable woman but also fierce and strong. She’s loyal and loving and could be described as your ideal woman and wife, the typical traditional Mosotho woman. She also has her flaws, as she can be quite selfish but all because of her deep love for Mandla..."

Although Molise has a degree in political science, her dream has always been to study drama, theatre and music because she always wanted to be a superstar.

“I’m a really good dancer, I know how to ‘jaiva’. I can rap. I once shared the stage with rapper HHP in 2014,” she laughs.  

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