Aug. 29, 2021


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Local author launches two best sellers

Local author launches two best sellers

Two best selling novels by LDF's Private Bothata Selase

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GUEST speakers at the launch of two novels, The Recoil 2 (Days of the Hunting Past) and Against All Odds, authored by Lesotho Defence Force (LDF)’s Private Bothata Silase, have been announced.

The event, which also includes the launch of The Save Lesotho Campaign, is set to take place through a fanfare occasion scheduled for October 2 at the Victory Hall (Mojalefa Lephole) in Maseru.
Professor Patrick Loch Lumumba, the founder of the Plo Lumumba Foundation and the Advocate of the Courts of Kenya and Tanganyika, will be the keynote speaker in the theme: Lesotho - what now? Way forward informed by historical lessons from the five erstwhile leaders of Africa including King Moshoeshoe I, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Captain Thomas Sankara, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and Dr John Pombe Magufuli.
Other remarks are expected from but not limited to among others Professor Calvin Motebang, leading Lesotho entrepreneur and business magnate Sam Matekane, Ministry of Education and of Tourism, LDF's Major General Matobakele and the Deputy Director of the Plo Lumumba Foundation Lesotho Chapter along with Private Silase himself.

About the ‘The Recoil’ novels, its first edition was published in 2019 and its powerful suspense birthed the second edition. It attracted the market in Kenya, Uganda, Europe and Canada.

THE RECOIL’ left readers fervent of what to expect next in the story and therefore inspired THE RECOIL 2,” Silase says.
The book explores the journey of the main character Masilo Mokoena, whose intellectual strength was not well yoked as a result of the bad company he kept.

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Mokoena had forgotten about his contemptible conduct during his days at the National University of Lesotho (NUL) when his life was inclining towards a different path. But because there is no bad deed that ever goes unpunished, his previous crimes resurface and impact significantly on his life.
Again in the story, there was a raid conducted by police at a prestigious night club where he had caused trouble. There are now diabolical machinations from his past life which place his destiny at stake.
With the upcoming edition, Silase says readers can expect more about Mokoena’s troubled past.

The author leaves his readers on a cliffhanger on what happens after the discovery of Mokoena’s ugly past.
The novel is published by Reach Publishers.


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