Aug. 31, 2021


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Modeling is a lucrative career, retired model says

Modeling is a lucrative career, retired model says

Lanolin brand ambassador, Limakatso Falatsa

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IN today's world, modeling as career is one of the most lucrative as well as exciting professions available to the youth, according to retired local model, Seipati Mokobocho.

A model is a person who poses or displays for the professional objective of art, fashion, or other products or advertisements.
Equipped with near perfect bodies and flawless skins, models are able to attract everybody’s attention and make heads turn.

“Yes, we are talking about the glamorous world of modeling,” Mokobocho says.
The giant strides taken by local designers like Miss Jay Clothing, Dunns and Jet stores have also contributed immensely towards the development of the industry in Lesotho.
Owing to further growth of consumerism and media, there has been a remarkable boost in this industry. This along with global expansion of fashion industry has made modeling an attractive profession.
For example, Quthing-born beauty, Limakatso Falatsa recently signed up with the Sebabatso Lanolin brand as a new brand ambassador to advertise their products.
Items she is going to promote include body lotion, petroleum jelly and other cosmetic products in their wide range.
Falatsa was the second princess at the prestigious Miss Culture Lesotho Popularity beauty contest 2022, among 58 contestants.
"Modeling is the art of learning how to walk, how to move and show off clothing to the best possible way to assist create a demand for it. When potential customers look at a model, they commonly imagine themselves in that outfit.
"Modeling is, certainly a glamorous field, which offers tremendous opportunities to take trips and meet a different people from all walks of life. Moreover, once established, in other countries it is a high paying job," explains Mokobocho.
She says there is no specific academic qualification required to enter the profession.

"To begin with, one can approach reputed modeling agencies with a portfolio of their recent photographs or can apply for contests sponsored by various magazines, clothing manufacturers and cosmetic companies, etc.

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"Personal attributes are the most important factors for the success of any model. Key attributes required to become a model include a good and healthy complexion coupled with lustrous hair. Female modeling aspirants should ideally be at least 1.7 metres tall - which is a major challenge for Lesotho's short beauty queens. As for men, the taller they are, the better for them," she adds.
However, not all winners are tall. From modeling to acting and everything in between, Cara Delevingne, 29, is an English model, actress, and singer who has proved that height means little when you have talent. What makes Cara stand out from other models, according to international model agents, is her charisma, sense of humour and her ability to adapt in the fast changing industry.
Being photogenic is also one of the key attributes.  Camera friendly attitude, plenty of self-confidence and grace while showcasing the products, are all essential in earning a name in this profession.

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