July 16, 2021


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Molelengoane consoled for outstanding zeal

Molelengoane consoled for outstanding zeal

One of the Ms Culture Lesotho contestants, Nthabeleng Molelengoane

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ALTHOUGH Mafeteng-based Nthabeleng Molelengoane lost by count of votes in the popular 2022 Mr and Miss Culture Lesotho beauty pageant, she however emerged a winner in her own unique way.

The management of the competition offered her a consolation cash prize of M1 000 for her amazing determination during the preliminary stage of the competition that began in May.
"She has become synonymous with being position one or two since the competition started. For her to have achieved 7 006 votes in May and 4 580 within a week’s time in June, is a true testament of her popularity and hard work.
“This is the dedicated contestant who took time away from her pharmaceutical studies, knocking door-to-door at the National University of Lesotho (NUL) campus, asking people to vote for her," the management of the pageant said.
Butha- Buthe-born Paballo Mokheseng beat Molelengoane by 178 votes (4 767 against 4 589).

She pocketed M2 000 in first prize after emerging as the winner of the competition under the King Moshoeshoe Film Festival.

A closer look at the total scores shows that the competition was a whole stronger and tighter for the first position in the female category than it was in the male section.  
Both Mokheseng and Molelengoane collected over 7 000 votes each, while the number one male contestant, Neo Jeremiah Mahula received 5 828 votes, followed by Sello Nyamane with 4 713 votes.

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Molelengoane consoled for outstanding zeal

Nthabeleng Molelengoane

“Towards the end of July or during the first week of August, we shall have an official handover of prize monies worth M5 000 to the three contestants, Mahula, Mokheseng and Molelengoane. Then towards the end of August, we are going to host a physical elimination contest in Maseru where our contestants will be parading before the adjudicators.

“After the elimination at the end of August, based on both the social media votes (30%) and scores awarded by the adjudicators (70%), the remaining 35 female contestants will battle it out again in votes in September and the male contestants in October. Then in November, we shall host our last physical elimination contest where the finalists will be chosen for the March 2022 event,” explained Aubrey Silinyana, Director of King Moshoeshoe Film Festival.

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