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Thaba-Tseka has got talent - Maluty

Thaba Tseka-born rapper Maluty

June 9, 2021 3 min read

3 min read

RUSTIC as it might be perceived, but part of the community of the highland district of Thaba-Tseka is passionate about hip-hop music, a genre popular among urban youth.

Up-and-coming rapper, Maluty who hails from Ha Makunyapane in Thaba-Tseka has managed to prove many people wrong.

The young artiste, whose real name is Mopholosi Mokotso is beginning to make a name for himself in local music circles.

“The perception that we are all rustic is wrong, Thaba-Tseka has its own talent and several interesting festivals. It’s about time we let the world know about this,” he says.

Maluty, 22, released his debut album “My Feelings Episode 1”, which has put him on the spotlight across the country and beyond the borders.

This mix-tape he says is all about expressing his emotions, his life as a hustler and other experiences in life.

“As a child, I used to enjoy music a lot and I ended up composing my own songs without even realising that it was the beginning of my career in music," he says, adding that he produced his first song in 2017.
He says he learnt about hip-hop music through Radio Lesotho, which was the only radio station that reached Thaba-Tseka in those days.

Maluty also has a Facebook page where he discusses music with his followers.

“A few years ago, it was difficult in the music industry because developed artistes were not cooperative while radio personalities discouraged new talent by not providing enough airplay,” he recalls.
Some of the topics he addresses in his music include loneliness, police brutality, wish for good life, empty political promises and the COVID-19 pandemic.
He recently performed at the Border-Gate Pub located in Ha Hoohlo, Maseru.

The songs he performed included - Bleeding Tears, Celebrity and My Feelings.

Maluty says his music is a collection of daily events that he will be remembered with when he is no longer around.

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“I communicate with my fans through music. My music is more of a Sotho-feel type of hip-hop and speaking loud about my inner feelings helps to heal my soul. A lot of youth go through similar phases and in order to manage life, it is only imperative to share these experiences with others,” he says.

Some of the big carnivals in Thaba-Tseka include the Festival of Malibamatšo Summer in Spring, Femsis Blitz Music Fest, Basotho Music Festival, Basotho Beer Festival and Trout Festival.

The residents of this mountainous district are called Lilala and are reportedly the most peaceful and friendliest in Lesotho.

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