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Travel offers best education – tour guide

A group of young people touring the Highlands of Lesotho

May 19, 2021 2 min read

2 min read

THUSO Mpo from Lihlaba Camping Side says travel offers the best education and also the best way to make memories of a lifetime.

He says exploring the world will make one feel better and turns them into happier and world class persons through experiences that are way out of their comfort zone that makes one feel alive.

Travelling like new foods, culture, language, people and places to explore, helps people to grow, Mpo further shows.  

“School is probably the best place to expand the academic knowledge, but when it comes to learning the intricacies of life, there is nothing more enriching than traveling, whether it is people or things that one sees, traveling provides more invaluable life lessons, mainly because instead of being told something, people actually experience it,” he notes.   

He says there are a lot of things people need to plan to have a great travelling experience, like organising the trip so that there is accommodation and means of transport. The travelling itself, he adds will sharpen one’s planning and organising skills.

He says it is also an opportunity to do things one might not otherwise get to do, like the experience of almost getting bitten by a snake while touring a snake park.

He says it is worth noting that some amazing stories always come out from travelling.

“Because travelling allows people to see and experience new ways of living, nothing is more eye-opening than surrounding oneself with another culture and giving people a new perspective on how to live.

“Travel can give you the blank white sheet, the chance to start afresh and explore the other sides of the country you are in,” Mpo informs Metro.

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With travel, he says comes more challenges, and the more challenges, the more confidence one becomes.

As fun as travel typically is, he says it can also be stressful, no matter how much one plans; adding that in some way or another, there is always going to be some oversight.

 Because the COVID-19 epidemiological situation varies between countries, with international travel that carries different levels of risk of exportation, he advises travellers to follow issued precaution measures and mandatory protocols.

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