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Travelling, a source of excitement and fun

The Brothers

April 17, 2021 2 min read

2 min read

THE whole idea of travelling is to provide a chill of excitement, a burst of happiness and a thrill of energy, according to psychologists.

Amid high stress levels that resulted from previously imposed several lockdowns, as the country battled the spread of COVID-19, some people have resorted to travelling as a new form of entertainment and stress reliever.
It has become the norm in Lesotho to see small groups of people embarking on short and long distance tours around the country.

A group of young men from Maseru who call themselves “The Brothers” are such an example.

The members view travelling as a source of excitement and fun.
“Our principle is to take unanticipated trips to uncharted and undiscovered places looking in search of adventure. Travelling is an excellent way to get yourself some “me time,” and is a great escape from the day-to-day pressures of one’s life," says Tšeliso Kheleli who is a member of Brothers.

He notes that travelling is one of the best ways to improve oneself, adding that planning a trip brings about a sense of enthusiasm, relief, happiness and joy.
“It is a highly efficient means to get away from stress. Moreover, it is a wonderful way to explore yourself and the world. You can visit different places, see breathtaking sights, hit historical museums and ancient places and climb the nearest mountain.
“As long as you have a pair of appropriate boots and some cash with you, then you can make use of the many types of adventures available at your fingertips. In just an instant, you can go wherever your heart leads you in this country. My friends and I enjoy looking at the beautiful landscapes and climbing mountains," he says.
A local tour guide Linkeng Khomane describes Lesotho as an adventurous country full of exciting destinations to visit and see.


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She says the country is also mostly famous for outdoor activities which are its charming features for tourism.
The major activities she counts include horse riding, mountain climbing, hiking and the pony trekking; the most famous activity enjoyed by the tourists, according to Khomane.
“Though travelling can be costly and there are numerous risks involved, it can help you grow and develop into a better person. So no matter how many “what-ifs,” risks and fears you can think of, it is time to pack up, put your best clothes and boots on, go outside of your comfort zone, and see the wonders that life has to offer despite the tension the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced into our lives.”

She adds that the most important part is travel experiences will surely pull one out of stress misery.

Even without the several activities normally involved, she says travelling alone is adventurous enough.




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