Men beat each other over work


LERIBE – The main street of the industrial town of Maputsoe was yesterday brought to a stand-still when two men, known to be best buddies tore each other to pieces over a piece-job.

Eye witnesses said the fight broke out when an Indian businessman wanted to pick one of the men to unload his truck that was full of wheat meal bags. 

“The two fought because they could not agree on who would get the job and who would be left behind,” a street vendor who witnessed the fight said. 

The woman said first the men traded insults before their argument degenerated into a fist fight. 

The victor was later seen chasing his bloodied friend down the street, wielding a claw hammer. 

“The man collected the hammer from a nearby shack after he also received a volley of heavy punches from his friend,” the eye witness further showed. 

It is not clear how the fight eventually ended because the two chased one another as farther down as Ha Mathata, located about 500 metres away from where the scuffle first broke out. 

But none of them got the job because while they were busy beating each other up, someone else was hired.

The duo along with other unemployment men had queued outside the Indian man’s supermarket, each awaiting a chance to get a piece job. 

The men form part of hundreds of men challenged by unemployment which has hit hard on the community of Maputsoe with its over 32, 000 people, according to national statistics 2019.

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