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ABC special conference challenged


June 10, 2019 2 min read

Qaqatu constituency in the Mohales's Hoek district, whose party candidate for 2017 elections was Lebohang Hlaele, Prime Minister Tom Thabane’s son-in-law, who lost to main opposition Democratic Congress (DC)candidate, is challenging the party’s special conference set for June 14 in Maseru.

The challenge has been filed in the high court of Lesotho by constituency chairperson, Molati Putsoane supported by one Sefali Mohlaoli. The duo want the emergency conference not to take place on grounds that the constituency was not formally informed and therefore that means they will not be able to be adequately represented at conference. The duo is asking the court to “ask the ABC, the National Executive Committee (NEC) of ABC and Samonyane Ntsekele to show cause if any, why they shall not be interdicted or restrained from holding, making preparations for and or facilitating the holding of and preparations for the emergency conference of the party scheduled for June 14, 2019 pending finalization of this case.”

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The respondents, demands they applicants, “must tell the court why it shall not declare that the calling of the emergency conference of the party and all preparatory process related thereto as null and void and further why the court shall not declare that pending the finalization of CIV/APN/47/2019, the party and its NEC shall not hold any conference and or make substantial changes to the structure of the party and its internal structures.”

Represented by Advocate Patsa Mohapi, the applicants told the court that the respondents have called an emergency conference despite the fact that the notice have not been communicated to the constituency committees, which they chair as applicants. According to Adv Mohapi, the conference is likely to proceed on June 14 “and if this happens, the constituencies chaired by the applicants will not be well represented in that conference and as such, they stand to suffer prejudice.” He further states that there is a matter pending before the High Court in CIV/APN/47/2019 in which the court is yet to determine the proper identity of the party’s NEC, while that matter is pending, no conference can be called in good faith without undermining the rights of other interested parties. The case is set to be heart tomorrow (Monday).

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