Nov. 29, 2022


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Basotho arrested for killing Chinese man in Newcastle

Basotho arrested for killing Chinese man in Newcastle

Executive Director of Migrants Association of Lesotho, Lerato Nkhetše

Story highlights

    Some Lesotho citizens fled Newcastle to avoid arrest by SAPS
    Migrants’ body accuses South Africans of using Basotho as hired gunmen

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LESOTHO citizens in the hands of the South African Police Service (SAPS) in Newcastle, Kwazulu-Natal are said to have been arrested for allegedly killing a local Chinese businessman.

According to the Executive Director of the Migrants Association of Lesotho, Lerato Nkhetše, this surfaced during a meeting they held with their SA counterparts where they discussed means to amicably solve the issues concerning Basotho living and working in Newcastle.

Nkhetše said they learned that some Lesotho nationals fled Newcastle in order to avoid arrest by the SAPS.

“We discovered that some fled because they did not have permits to work or live in South Africa while others escaped because they had been involved in criminal activities in Newcastle.

“The ones in police custody were arrested during an operation that was held by the SAPS to curb criminal activities, including the ones believed to have murdered the Chinese businessman, it further emerged,” Nkhetše also said.

He added: “We are also aware that whenever certain South Africans want people killed, they enlist the services of Lesotho nationals living in South Africa, and in the end, Basotho are the ones who get caught and imprisoned.”

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He said another issue discussed at length in the meeting was about the 30-day window period given to Lesotho nationals who work in South Africa without proper work permits.

“The period is too short, making it difficult for such people to report to the nearest border gates in time to renew their short-lived permits before they expire. Therefore, we still need to discuss this matter further in order to reach an amicable solution.”

Nkhetše added: “The association is keen to pave a way for Basotho in order to live peacefully in SA, but we can only achieve this if Basotho also cooperate.”

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