Aug. 12, 2021


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Businessman jailed over friend murder

Businessman jailed over friend murder

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RENOWNED Hlotse entrepreneur, Mashapha Selonyane who allegedly shot dead his friend and business associate over a business deal that went sour briefly appeared before the Leribe Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday charged with murder.

Selonyane is alleged to have fatally shot his friend, Phoka (first name unknown) at the latter’s Lisemeng residence on Sunday before handing himself over to the Hlotse Police.
He is currently being detained at the Hlotse prison where he is awaiting bail.
Preliminary investigations show that Phoka – who owned among others, a chain of stores called Phoka Quality Shoes in Hlotse, Butha-Buthe and Maseru - had allegedly sold Selonyane a truck on credit.

The two friends had agreed on casual repayment terms but their relationship was later strained after Selonyane defaulted on his payment.

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It is further alleged that Selonyane, however, kept using the truck for his business errands, ignoring Phoka’s pleas for his money.
Police reports show that last week Thursday, Phoka seized the vehicle from its driver somewhere in Hlotse.

After learning about the incident, Selonyane is alleged to have on Sunday gone to Phoka’s residence where the two men had a heated confrontation that culminated in Selonyane shooting Phoka dead.

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