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Concerned Basotho to petition Majoro

Prime Minister Dr Moeketsi Majoro

April 6, 2021 2 min read

2 min read

A group of young citizens called Concerned Basotho is planning to petition both Prime Minister Dr Moeketsi Majoro and his deputy Mathibeli Mokhothu after the National Assembly adopted the MPs Salaries Regulations, 2020 which will give each member a monthly transport allowance of M5 000.

One of the petitioners Sekonyela Molefe said the main reason behind the petition is to ensure that the National Assembly discards the new regulation as it does not benefit the rest of Basotho.

“The irony of this is that the legislators decided to fill their pockets with the money yet the government announced during the budget speech presentation that there is no money, hence public servants will not get any salary increments this financial year,” Mr Molefe said.

He noted that they have already written letters to political parties in Parliament that claim to be against the new regulation, adding that they want such parties to pronounce their stance against the move.

“We want to ensure that such parties do not take the money,” he said, rubbishing allegations that they are pushing the agenda of certain opposition parties.

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Mr Molefe said they are still waiting for a permit from the police, adding they have also sought counsel from the National COVID-19 Secretariat (NACOSEC) on how best to deliver the petition without contravening the COVID-19 protocols.
The Alliance of Democrats (AD) through its Secretary General Dr Mahali Phamotse has since apologised to the nation for voting for the MPs’ petrol allowances.

Dr Phamotse said they have realised as a party that it was a mistake to have supported the move.

Similarly, the Marematlou Freedom Party (MFP) has also condemned the new regulation.

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