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DC rallies behind Mochoboroane, Metsing

MEC leader Selibe Mochoboroane

Nov. 25, 2020 3 min read

3 min read

THE ruling Democratic Congress (DC) has thrown its weight behind the two political leaders who are accused of treason, saying the charges are merely a smear campaign against them.

This emerged during the party’s press conference which was held at its offices on Tuesday.

The DC said when it formed government with All Basotho Convention (ABC), they agreed to not press charges against people like the leader of the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) Mothetjoa Metsing and his Movement for Economic Change (MEC) counterpart, Selibe Mochoboroane.

The DC Secretary General Tšitso Cheba said Mr Mochoboroane is part of government and if he is arrested, that will definitely threaten the stability of the government.

The two leaders are charged along with the former army commander Lieutenant General Tlali Kamoli and other soldiers who have been in detention for over three years without their cases being heard.

The detained soldiers were denied bail and their cases have been dragging in the High Court after several applications and counter applications were filed unsuccessfully.

This ended up with their lawyers withdrawing from the cases, arguing that there was no progress in the matters.

Mr Cheba said it is not the courts which are delaying the prosecution of the cases involving the soldiers and police who are accused of playing a role in the 2014 political upheavals.

“When the DC and the ABC joined forces to form government, they agreed that no one involved in the 2014 political disturbances would be dragged to court,” he said.

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LCD leader Mothetjoa Metsing

He added: “The DC suggested the formation of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) that would help soothe all the aggrieved parties. If there are those who have to be compensated, that should be allowed to take place.”

Mr Cheba’s fear is that like the detained soldiers, if both Messrs Mochoboroane and Metsing are arrested, they will be denied bail and rot in jail.

“This is a well-orchestrated plan to have the two gentlemen behind bars. There are people behind this,” he said without mentioning names.

Peace and stability, he said do not come on a silver platter, adding that sometimes the nation has to sacrifice to attain them.


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