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Drivers skilled in defensive driving

March 8, 2019 2 min read

2 min read

Skills acquired at the Defensive Driving Course should assist drivers to contribute towards the development of Lesotho's economy as well as saving lives, according to Mokherane Tsatsanyane, deputy minister for public works and transport. Speaking at the Road Safety Certificates Awarding ceremony for Defensive Driving Course on Friday last week, Tsatsanyane said the drivers should be cautious and more alert in order to avoid unnecessary accidents so as they could become good examples in the society.

He said: “Over years, licensed drivers have contributed to the cause of most road accidents, however, the training of this nature gives me hope that this will change. I encourage employers to ensure that drivers attend defensive driving course before they can employ them as it will save them a lot of money, time and lives.” Tsatsanyane urged the drivers who benefited from the course to go and implement the skills they acquired without any hesitation, LENA has reported. “It is vital for these drivers to encourage their peers and teaching them the techniques they have learned in order to ensure that Lesotho's roads become more safer for everyone.

I encourage those who did not succeed to try again as this is a life-long investment,” he adviced. According to ’Mathabo Tsosane, the Traffic Commissioner, “the trainees gained skills in order to transform the lives of Basotho as they have gained skills for careful driving. As the department we are working hard to ensure that we introduce professional driving permit which will assist drivers to avoid road
accidents.” She said: “We intend to hold a harmonisation workshop through which we will be able to overcome road challenges and respond to all the needs of road users in the country. ENatis, which was recently introduced, stresses the importance of defensive driving, hence we plan to incorporate it in driving lessons for every learner.”


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The Director Road Safety Dr. Kikine Mathews said “defensive driving helps to save time and money, reducing risks of car collision. Vehicle crashes causes high rate of deaths worldwide.” She explained: “Most accidents are caused by error of judgement, excessive speed, disobeying road signs as well as driving under the influence of alcohol, among others. About 1.3 million people die yearly from around the globe, while 50 million are disabled. About 50 children die yearly as a result of road accidents on the roads of Lesotho.”

Speaking on behalf of instructors, 'Makhabang Lebesa said their job as instructors was to positively change the lives of Basotho “by ensuring that we equip drivers with necessary skills to drive better in the roads anywhere in the world. They should always remember the importance of driving defensively toprevent the occurrence of road accidents.” One of the participants who received an award, Mothibeli Khooa, said the training they gained would assist them to bring about much needed change and save the economy of Lesotho as well as lives of Basotho. About 70 participants were awarded certificates for Defensive Driving.

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