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Finance minister to present budget speech next week

The Minister of Finance Thabo Sofonea

Feb. 16, 2021 2 min read

2 min read

THE Minister of Finance Thabo Sofonea is expected to present the 2021/22 financial estimates during Parliament’s setting of Wednesday next week.

According to the Clerk of the National Assembly King’s Counsel Fine Maema, there will be a live broadcast of the presentation on national television.

He said this is one of the first major activities that parliament will carry out after the Christmas holiday break.

KC Maema says the sitting of the 10th parliament will be different from the normal sittings of the house due to COVID-19 safety protocols.

In an urgent notice sent to all the members of the house, he said the sitting arrangement will be done in such a way that physical distancing is maintained.

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He said some Members of Parliament will sit in the public gallery to limit the number in the house. Others he said will be allowed to sit anywhere in the building where they will be able to access the internet.
The members were trained on virtual conferencing as part of preparations for the opening of the parliament on Monday after the Christmas holiday break.

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