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First Lady signs deal to end gender based violence

Gender minister Likeleli Tampane

Sept. 12, 2020 1 min read

THE First Lady 'Masekoalana Majoro was part of a deal signed this week to help stop gender based violence that is rife in Lesotho.

During the signature of the agreement on Wednesday in Maseru, Mrs Majoro called for concerted efforts by those responsible for rights of women and girls.

She endorsed the agreement together with the Minister of Gender and Youth, Sports and Recreation Likeleli Tampane.

Mrs Majoro said the agreement was a response to the worrying state of widespread violence against women and children across the country.

She highlighted the importance of providing the much needed intervention by those responsible in order to address this issue.
For her part, Ms Tampane said the abuse of women and girls is a huge challenge that needs urgent address as it happens on a daily basis.


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She said at times the violence ends up with some of the victims not surviving the incessant attacks.

The minister was as a result hopeful that the new contract will serve as a tool to end the relentless abuse.  
The agreement is on issues that include gender equality promotion as well as possible collaboration on addressing gender inequities and inequalities. LeNA/Metro

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