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Government loosen lockdown

Prime Minister Tom Thabane

May 5, 2020 2 min read

MASERU – The Prime Minister Dr Motsoahae Thabane today announced the government’s plans towards shielding the economy through relaxation of nationwide lockdown.

Among others, he unrestricted businesses that had been deemed non-essential enterprises to resume operations for some time, when the state of COVID-19 is being monitored. Such businesses are requested to abide with both the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health regulations.

He said the government through the Lesotho Enterprise Assistance Programme will open applications for ‘matching grants’ to be offered to tax complying businesses that had been hit hard by the impacts of the pandemic.

It will also begin delivering stipends for factory workers and assist the elderly aged over sixty years, who do not receive pension grants as well as the disabled; including street vendors and vulnerable people in the villages. 

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Tertiary institutions were allowed to proceed with class sessions in accordance with the Ministry of Education terms and the levels of Standard 7, Junior Certificate and C.O.S.C.  will follow suit respectively. The public service, state owned entities and projects will recommence their duties this week with employees working via shifts and churches can now hold services for not more than 50 people gathered at one place,

Thabane said the Ministry of Health was to start testing the public in the country and that the government was going to release a more detailed gazette to enforce all these recommendations. 

He showed that the country was still at risk and urged the public to maintain lockdown regulations at all times. “Masks must be worn by everybody when travelling and observe social distancing. I have ordered our security forces to ensure that this happens across the country,” he said.




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