Aug. 15, 2021


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Indians in Lesotho celebrate their Independence Day

Indians in Lesotho celebrate their Independence Day

President of the Indian Association of Lesotho, Biju Abraham Korah (middle)

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PRESIDENT of the Indian Association of Lesotho, Biju Abraham Korah says since its independence from the United Kingdom (UK), India has grown massively from technology to economy and education among others.

He was speaking during the 74th celebration of India’s independence which was held in Maseru on Sunday.

Mr Korah said the purpose of the event was to honour and pay tribute to the Indian freedom fighters who contributed to the Asian country’s independence.
The country, he said has among others produced one of the richest nuclear energy in the world.

“This year’s celebration which has taken a different turn due to the COVID-19 pandemic is celebrated under the theme ‘Nation first, always first’,” he also said.
Speaking at the same event, the Minister of Defence, Halebonoe Setšabi wished the Indian community in Lesotho a prosperous celebration saying it has been part of Basotho for a long time.

He said the contribution of the Indian community in Lesotho is highly recognized, from the health services to education and economic development.

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“The Indian community’s contribution to the development of our country’s economy is immense, through the numerous businesses which have also played a major role in the creation of many jobs for Basotho.
On behalf of the Indian community, Shivapriya Nair expressed her gratitude to Basotho for welcoming them in their communities without any form of discrimination, adding that as the Indian community, they will continue serving the Kingdom of Lesotho as their adoptive home. LeNA

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