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Islamic community donates food to Qoaling residents

Qoaling Chief 'Mataelo Matsoso

April 15, 2020 1 min read

MASERU – The Islamic community in Lesotho has donated food parcels to 100 vulnerable people who live in Qoaling on Monday to support their survival during this lockdown.

In an interview with Metro, the village counselor ’Matšola Masenkane said the donation came in a form of a 12,5 kg maize and 5kg packet of beans to each individual among those 100 people. 

“This religious community had interest in assisting our villagers who are vulnerable with these food parcels and they indicated that they can afford to help only 100 people,” she said.

Masenkane further mentioned that the Islamic community revealed that it is planning to assist people in various villages during this time.

Because only 100 people benefited from the donation, Masenkane has appealed to other local investors to assist the villagers in this difficult situation.

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The area chief of Qoaling, Chieftainess ’Mataelo Matsoso commended the act saying God blesses the hand that gives more than the one that receives.

“My people are hungry, I urge donors to consider us,” she said, adding that having food will surely reduce the criminal activities in the village. 

One of the beneficiaries, Bokang Letsapo said the way benefactors are selected should be reviewed.

“The system should not always choose the same people, it should rotate so that all the vulnerable villagers can benefit,” he said.

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