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King expresses hope for better Lesotho

King Letsie III

Dec. 31, 2019 3 min read

3 min read

King Letsie III has expressed hope that all leaders will make a pledge to jointly dedicate their work for the country with truth and respect as “Lesotho needs dedicated and God-fearing men and women who fight corruption and theft.” The King said this in his New Year’s national message and he emphasised that the country has already made achievement towards a better nation through establishment of National Reforms Authority (NRA). “It said is quite an achievement in a journey of reforming the pillars of governance. I therefore thank all who worked hard and with determination to see that we reach where we are in reforms' journey,” he said.

“It is my hope and that of the nation that those selected into the NRA will work to see that their job produces the Lesotho that Basotho want and aspire and always remember to put Basotho and Lesotho first,” he said.

The King said that Lesotho has had many challenges in 2019 which include HIV/AIDS saying it is shocking to learn that new infections are increasing especially in youth whom he said are future generations adding that this is testimony that messages disseminated to the public to protect themselves from this pandemic are falling into deaf ears. He therefore strongly pleaded with the youth and Basotho as a whole to protect themselves every time and in every way so as to avoid putting their lives and those of their loved ones in danger.

“2019 World AIDS day was commemorated with the launch of new HIV/AIDS policy to focus much on total eradication or ending of the pandemic by 2030 therefore as the Basotho nation we all have to take responsibility and ensure that we reach the targets of the new policy,” he emphasised. He said that another challenge which hit Lesotho in 2019 was drought due to climate change that led to delay of summer rains saying this has immensely affected agriculture. He added that this unfortunate situation coupled with deteriorating economy will only bring hunger and poverty.

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He highlighted that Lesotho and other developing countries need help in implementing policies of fight against climate change and that reduce its impacts. He mentioned that as developing countries have to unite and urge developed countries to align themselves with recommendations by United Nations in the fight against climate change.

He said: “It is befitting to give due thanks to God for still lending the gift of life and it is with grace that many have journeyed thus far. I invite all to remember the departed souls and pray that their souls rest in eternal peace and for the sick to heal.”

He wished all a safe year-end festivities and that the New Year brings new success.

The King also used opportunity to reprimand Members of Parliament (MPs) for the chaos that occurred in the National Assembly on November 28 where two members sustained injuries after being hit with dustbins.

This, he said, behaviour has tainted the image of such respected House and of the country as a whole. “They should handle public issues with respect and patience and not with anger” saying they should at all times remember their responsibility because actions are exposed to God even if the nation would not see them.


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