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King inaugurates NUL new council

His Majesty

Feb. 17, 2020 2 min read

MASERU – His Majesty King Letsie III who is the Chancellor of the National University of Lesotho (NUL) officially inaugurated the institution's 14th council on Monday.

The Council which consists of 11 members from different sectors within and outside the country saw the election of the new chairman Advocate Kuena Mophethe who succeeds Mr Tseko Bohloa. In his remarks, the King expressed a deep sense of gratitude, pride and pleasure in welcoming all the new members on board. 

He further expressed his profound trust in the new chairman who is mandated to harness the vast experience and energy of all the members towards building a strong and successful institution.

“I thank you most heartily for accepting this onerous and daunting task of stewardship of the university as members of its supreme governing body,” he said. 

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He applauded the out-going 13th Council for having steered the university in the right direction during its three-year term and for keeping it afloat amidst its numerous challenges. 

Speaking at the same event, the Minister of Education and Training Mr Mokoto Hloaele said the new members’ appointment spoke volumes of their expected commitment to the efficiency and ultimate effectiveness they will have on the campus through their good management.

“As Councillors you are entrusted to move this institution forward. As you take office this year, you will find many achievements, challenges as well as plans laid down to improve this university and retain its integrity as well as image,” he said. 

The Council's tenure in office he said comes at a time when there are many challenges, such as the ministry’s limited budget to provide adequate subvention to the university among others. 

For his part, NUL’s Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Kananelo Mosito was hopeful that the new generation of thoughts will make the university thrive through decades to come. He believed the new members will be guided by relationship of trust between the Council and other structures of the institution. 

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