Nov. 1, 2022


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Lehohla urges civil servants to support Matekane’s govt

Lehohla urges civil servants to support Matekane’s govt

New Prime Minister, Sam Matekane

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    Ex DPM calls for professional among the workers
    Former legislator says Matekane touched on pertinent issues

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FORMER Prime Minister Lesao Lehohla has appealed to public servants across all ministries to support the new government in order to be able to implement its manifesto. He further urged the civil servants to be professional enough to remain neutral.

“Public servants should support the incoming government in order to deliver on its promises,’’ Lehohla said, adding they should be apolitical in their daily duties and support the government of the day in order to promote service delivery.
“It is not about individuals but the nation as a whole for quality service delivery to be done to all,’’ he stressed.
Commenting on the new Prime Minister’s maiden speech, Lehohla said Sam Matekane touched on critical issues of the rule of law, crime prevention, economic growth and job creation youth for the.

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“Any foreign investor prefers to operate in a peaceful and crime-free country and not the opposite. On the issue of job creation, there are many youths who are still without jobs long after they graduated. Mr Matekane who is a successful businessman has promised to address joblessness in the country as well as work on economic growth.”

However, Lehohla believes that Matekane needs to find a common ground between being a prosperous businessman and a politician, saying the two are different in nature. - LeNA

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