Sept. 30, 2022


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Lesotho launches national migration development policy

Lesotho launches national migration development policy

Minister of Home Affairs, Motlalentoa Letsossa and head of IOM Lesotho, Eriko Nishimura

Story highlights

    Policy was developed with the help of IOM and other development partners
    The programme aims at providing basis for the intelligible migration for development in Lesotho

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THE Minister of Home Affairs, Motlalentoa Letsosa says the Lesotho National Migration Development Policy will serve as a foundation for the necessary regulatory framework.

This, he said at the launch of the policy during a ceremony that was held at the ministry’s premises in Maseru on Thursday.  

Mr Letsosa said the policy was developed with the help of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) along with other development partners. 

“Through close consultation with the International Organisation for Migration, the African Union Commission (AUC) and the Lesotho National Consultative Committee on Migration and Development (NCC), which is an inter-ministerial and multi-sectorial body that has an advisory role to government in all aspects of migration issues, the policy was developed,” he said. 

The minister said the policy aims at providing both a basis and direction for the intelligible and connecting of migration for development in Lesotho, adding that it will address the migration and development policy gap by providing a framework for action at the national level.  

He thanked the IOM and AUC for their unwavering support to the government of Lesotho as they are the financial supporters of the policy formulation. 

Also speaking, the IOM Head of Office, Eriko Nishimura expressed her gratitude to everyone who contributed to the policy, saying in the era of migration-related policies, the Ministry of Labour developed the Lesotho National Labour Migration Policy which was adopted by the cabinet in 2019. 

She said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations also developed the Lesotho National Diaspora Policy, adding that the National Migration Development Policy is aligned with these other migration policies and frameworks. 

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Ms Nishimura said the policy will among others, address migration issues, adding that it has identified 16 border areas of priority and singled out migration environment change, tourism and migration as well as gender. 

She thanked Mr Letsosa for his effort in ensuring that the policy was adopted, saying the policy will be a guiding tool for them toward maximising the benefits of migration while minimising the impacts of migration.  

She said the IOM is fully committed to continuing working with the government of Lesotho, migrants, and the Basotho population towards strengthening migration management and achieving development goals through effective migration management in Lesotho. 

The policy was adopted by the Cabinet two weeks prior to the launch. - APO Group


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