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‘Likuena face tough time’ – Maliehe

Nov. 15, 2018 2 min read

2 min read

MASERU (TmgLive) – The Likuena Head Coach, Moses Maliehe, pronounced the upcoming game the toughest one for his team, as they are in desperate need of 6 points in order to qualify to further participate in the Africa competitions.

Likuena is paired in Group L with Uganda, Cape Verde and Tanzania in the current African Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifiers. The group is led by Uganda, followed by Tanzania and Cape Verde while Lesotho is at the bottom. While most football lovers have lost hope that Lesotho still have a chance to qualify, football experts say it is not impossible for the national team to gain the needed 6 points on the remaining games, which would make it qualify for the final competitions.

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It’s a do or die war on Sunday at Setsoto Stadium in Maseru when Likuena will log horns with Tanzania. A loss or draw will be the last straw on Likuena as it would have sealed its relegation from the games. Tanzania on the other hand desperately need to win so that it can remain in position two and qualify with Uganda. According to Maliehe, the game is not only crucial but also tough for the national team. “Mathematically, we still have a chance to qualify to be in the competition but for real it is tough. The only option we have is to win,” he confessed. Uganda lead the group with 10 points, Tanzania and Cape Verde have 5 points each while Lesotho has 2 points. “Should we win this coming game, we will also have 5 points but still standing at the bottom. And if we win the next game, we will have 8 points and likely to qualify,” he said.

According to Maliehe, the chances of Likuena will be determined by a number of factors; that it wins its games and that Uganda beat Cape Verde. The two clubs, he said, are almost the same in terms of strength. However, Maliehe was encouraged that the team spirit was high during the preparations. Even the players who were downhearted in the past preparations were in good mood, he said. “One can tell through players’ spirit if his team is likely to win or not. The whole players are now showing the desire to fight and win this battle,” said Maliehe.

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