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Liqhobong Mine gives back to the community

Nov. 16, 2018 3 min read

3 min read

BUTHA-BUTHE - Liqhobong Mining Development Company (LMDC) made a positive impact on the Kao Community through its Corporate Social Responsibility Programme by providing two cross bridges which were opened officially in the presence of the community and the government officials on November 8.

For a change, the ceremony began with traditional dances - Ndlhamo and Mokhibo – which the delighted audience appreciated with whistle blowing and ululations in the presence of government officials from the Ministry of Mining, Public Works and Transport alongside Local Government and Chieftainship. As the first speaker of the day, Liqhobong Chief Executive Officer Mr. Paul Bosma said: "We as the mine we are not saying we cannot take responsibility of the maintenance of public roads, but what we say is that we undertake to work with relevant agencies and where we can assist, we will serve."

Mr. Bosma further indicated that the Liqhobong Mine invested about M2 Million for the renovation of the road. On behalf of the community liaison committee, the chairman declared that the community was living under the unstable situation of sometimes not being able to have accessible roads during the heavy rain fall. He continued by thanking the LMDC for working harmoniously with the community.


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It was at this juncture where the programme director and District Administrator Mr. Lehlohonolo Qhasho of Butha-Buthe called upon the Principal Chief Mrs. Mamanamolela Mopeli who stipulated that she congratulate the Liqhobong Mine for keeping its word as this will benefit the host community to easily access the services that are provided at the urban areas. She further appealed to the community to take good care of the new developments that are being made by the mining companies within their areas and also the mining companies should continue to support.

Amongst the speakers of the day, Deputy Minister of Local Government and Chieftainship Honourable Kotiti Diholo on behalf of his ministry thanked Hon. Keketso Sello the Minister of Mining for inviting his ministry to the big event. Mr Diholo indicated that he is congratulating the host community and the Member of Parliament from the constituency of Moteete “for receiving this marvelous development within their community.” "I am aware of two villages (Tiping and Sekeketeng) that seriously must be relocated since they were affected by the floods and that task needs to be done in assistance of the councilors from those villages quickly,” he appealed. While wrapping up the big event, the Minister of Mining Mr Keketso Sello publicly declared that he is aware that the grievances which the Kao host community tabled before the ministry, being the construction of sanitary toilets, maintenance of taps, maintenance of the road which Liqhobong mine has reconstructed and the compensation of the affected pastures which were still in the process of being resolved.

“I appeal to you Transformation Resource Centre to stick to your mandate as a civil society organisation and cease coming to these host communities alone leaving other stakeholders behind because we as the Ministry of Mining we always invite you whenever we visit these community,” said Mr Sello. “I am aware that you are regularly meeting with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport whereby the plan is to transform this road from the gravel into a permanent tarred road and I just so wish that process is still going on,” said. Mr Sello took the opportunity to inform the public that the very same mining companies are organising to host a big event which will commence on the November 28 and end on 29 at Thaba­Bosiu Cultural Village, called Mining Khotla, with the purpose of presenting to the indigenous Basotho business companies the business opportunities that are available in the mining sector.

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