Aug. 21, 2021


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Minister calls for tattooing, branding of livestock

Minister calls for tattooing, branding of livestock

Minister of Home Affairs, Motlalentoa Letsosa

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MINISTER of Home Affairs, Motlalentoa Letsosa has appealed to the community of Makhemeng in Mafeteng to mark their livestock with tattoos and hot branding for easy identification.

He made these remarks during the National Identity Enrollment and Livestock Marking Outreach Campaign that held in the area on Friday.

He said the tattooing and marking of animals are important steps towards fighting the rampant stock theft in the country.

Mr Letsosa rubbished allegations that livestock have tattoos and branding marks are not marketable, adding that the marks are reliable identification for livestock.
He also warned members of the community about human trafficking which is becoming a major concern in the country.

He said whenever they are informed of job opportunities outside the country, they should investigate such offers well and stop being lured into non-existent employment opportunities through social network platforms.
Speaking at the same occasion, the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Maimane Maphathe warned females to stop offering foreigners opportunities like local essential documents including identity cards and birth certificates.
“On several occasions, officials from the National Identity Civil Registration caught foreigners claiming to be citizens of Lesotho and holding letters from Area Chiefs confirming them as Basotho,” he said.


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The Principal Chief of Tebang, Chief Khoabane Mojela commended the ministry for introducing animal tattooing and hot branding, saying that will go a long way towards fighting stock theft.

He said marking animals will make it easier for the police to trace and locate stolen livestock.

The campaign started in Sekameng on Thursday and is expected to extend to other areas in the district. LeNA


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