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MMB encourages smart drinking

Dec. 27, 2019 2 min read

MASERU – Maluti Mountain Brewery (MMB) Head of Corporate Affairs, ‘Mathabang Fanyane, has urged company customers and product consumers to drink responsibly, exercise caution and remain vigilant on national roads this festive season.

She said this would be to ensure the protection of the lives   of drivers, passengers and pedestrian road users during the holidays.

Fanyane said as a company they upheld the principle of smart responsible use of their alcoholic beverages which is evident in their marketing approach, “there reason we go as far as discouraging underage drinking, and go for a marketing strategy that reflects responsibility, good taste, decency and negate harmful alcohol consumption and related behaviour patterns.”

To those who will be driving, she said, they should never drink and drive; adding that the fully supported all laws and enforcement measures that have been put in place to reduce impaired driving - including strict mandatory limits in Lesotho.

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She indicated that harmful consumption of alcohol was bad for their consumers, their employees, families, the communities and their business.

“To fight harmful drinking behaviours, we are taking steps as the MMB to shift social norms and behaviour patterns that create the harmful use of alcohol and ensure every experience with alcohol is a positive one,” she said.

Because beer has been part of culture around the world for thousands of years, she said, they believed that every experience with beer should be positive.

Fanyane said the MMB was a global company, brewing beer and building brands that will continue to bring people together for a better world in the next 100 years and beyond.

“This relies on thriving communities across the globe where harmful drinking no longer presents a social challenge. Our smart drinking commitment, and the beliefs that underpin it, will help make this vision a reality,” she noted.

She also mentioned that they were committed to helping advance the WHO’s target to reduce the harmful use of alcohol by 10 percent by 2025.

Simultaneously, she said they aim to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals of strengthening the prevention and treatment of harmful alcohol use and enhancing worldwide partnership.

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