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Parliament reopens on Monday

The National Assembly

Feb. 13, 2021 2 min read

2 min read

PARLIAMENT will resume its business on Monday after breaking for the Christmas holiday, the Clerk of the National Assembly King’s Counsel Fine Maema has confirmed.

He said Members of Parliament will be expected to report for duty for the 11th meeting of the first session of the 10th Parliament.

KC Maema however, said on the first day of the session, only administrative announcements will be made, adding that feedback will also be provided on virtual meeting trials which were held in order to establish how the house could operate under the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic.
We held virtual meeting trials to see if that could be an option during the COVID-19 pandemic,'' he said.

He further explained that the Ministry of Finance has also notified his office of the possibility of the budget speech being delivered on February 17, even though the date is yet to be confirmed.

He had no idea how the speech will be delivered under the prevailing COVID-19 conditions. 

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In the past, invitations were extended to special guests including among others members of Diplomatic Missions in Lesotho as well as other dignitaries.

KC Maema however, confirmed that the state owned Lesotho Television together with Radio Lesotho will provide a live broadcast of the budget speech.

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