Aug. 20, 2021


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Passengers concerned over transport fare hike

Passengers concerned over transport fare hike

The Manonyane Taxi Rank in Maseru

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PASSENGERS are worried about the public transport fare hike which will be effective from October 1, saying it is unfair to them because they cannot afford it.

One of them is Tšepo Setona, who slammed the government for being “selfish”, accusing the Cabinet of only considering its members over the nation and its plight.  

“The responsibility of the government and Members of Parliament is to protect the interests of the nation and its rights as well as ensuring that Basotho lead a decent life,” he said.

He said it is unfortunate for residents of Maseru because they cannot all walk to and from town as well as work given the distance that would be forced to cover on a daily basis.

“The stipulated fares of M9 and M8.50 are too steep for regular commuters, given the kind of salaries they are paid,” Mr Setona said.
He added: 'The government has approved this increment because ministers and other senior government officials do not use public transport so it will not affect them at all.”

Another passenger, 'Matšokolo 'Musa said the very same people they elected into power are the ones who oppress them, adding that the consumers of public transport were not consulted about the increase.  

“The government should stop playing games with our lives and ensure that all workers get decent salaries,” she said.

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Mrs ’Musa took a swipe at the MPs for offering themselves M5 000 petrol allowances, saying that was just a trick on their part to increase their salaries again.

'Mathabo Seatile said with the kind of government Lesotho has, Basotho will remain slaves and wallow in poverty forever.
On the other hand, most commuters strongly feel that fares were not supposed to have been increased in this era of the COVID-19 pandemic after so many jobs were lost accompanied by several salary cuts.

Fares for long distance routes and those in the mountains, it has emerged will be determined per kilometre and their details will be fully known as soon as a gazette on the prices has been released. LeNA

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