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Picketing youth to appear in court this week

AD MP Thuso Litjobo

Nov. 9, 2020 2 min read

2 min read

ELEVEN youth who were arrested and detained on Friday by police during an unlawful procession are expected to appear before court this week.

This was announced via an audio clip by the Minister of Police and Public Safety ’Mamoipone Senauone over the weekend.

The minister said the detainees who included four females and seven males aged between 22 and 29 contravened provisions of the processions law.

MP for Alliance of Democrats (AD) Thuso Litjobo and Radio 357 presenter, Relebohile Moyeye, were also arrested during the same procession for allegedly violating COVID-19 protocols, by not wearing facial masks.

Mr Litjobo and Mr Moyeye were arrested at the gates of the new parliament building where the picketing youth had taken their petition.

The protesters were later dispersed by heavily armed police who fired several warning shots into the air.

As he left the parliament building, Mr Litjobo saw the protesting youth holding placards and he approached them to find out what they wanted.

Police who were milling about saw him without a face mask and consequently arrested him.

Mr Moyeye who was covering the procession was also spotted without a mask and was arrested too.

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Accusing the picketing youth of being chaotic and causing instability, Mrs Senauoane said: “The law demands that protesters should apply and obtain permission prior to their picketing and the detainees did not do that.  This country is ruled by laws that have to be respected by all. We appeal to the general public to abstain from such unlawful acts.”

The protesting youth under their #Bachashutdown movement, wanted to petition the legislature and executive on the country’s high unemployment rate, along with the national youth policy and gender based violence related issues.

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