Aug. 2, 2021


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Police to enforce alcohol regulations

Police to enforce alcohol regulations

Police spokesperson Senior Supt Mpiti Mopeli

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POLICE are going to enforce rules and regulations of the sale of alcohol as per the COVID-19 protocols, LMPS public relations officer, Senior Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli has said.

After the Prime Minister announced earlier last month that Lesotho is on purple colour code, many people are still not complying with the stipulated COVID-19 health protocols.

Among others, patrons still frequent bars and shebeens which continue selling alcohol beyond the set schedules.

Mopeli said any traders who are found guilty of violating the set rules will be charged M20 000 or serve a prison term.

He therefore pleaded with members of the public to abide by the rules in order to help curb the spread of the corona virus.

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“The problem with people is that they do things to please the police as if they are the ones who brought the COVID-19 pandemic into their lives. People wear masks only when they see the police and still attend funerals and weddings in great numbers in spite of the set regulations,” he said, promising that the set regulations will be urgently enforced. LeNA

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