Oct. 27, 2022


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PR seats case to be heard next week Friday

PR seats case to be heard next week Friday

Justice 'Mafelile Ralebese

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    IEC wants to correct its error
    High Court ordered parly’s special meeting to proceed this week

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THE Constitutional Court will next week Friday hear a matter in which the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) is seeking a review of the allocation of Proportional Representation (PR) or compensatory seats following the 2022 General Elections.

The IEC approached the court after realising some inaccuracies regarding the allocation of the seats to the Democratic Congress (DC) and Alliance of Democrats (AD) that have been cited as the fourth and fifth respondents respectively in the application filed in the High Court this week.
The applicants (IEC) are alleged to have erroneously allocated 11 compensatory seats to the DC instead of eight and three seats to the AD instead of two.

The electoral authority, therefore, wants to leave to correct that error and amend the allocation of the compensatory seats.
It also asked for a court order granting it permission to recalculate the compensatory seats and accordingly reallocate them.  

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Although the IEC had filed an urgent application seeking an order intersecting the convening of the 11th parliament, which was scheduled for Tuesday this week, High Court judge, Justice ’Mafelile Ralebese on Saturday ruled that parliament should convene as planned, pending finalisation of the matter. - LeNA

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