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Progress made in ex-minister fraud case – Crown

Former Minister of Education and Training Dr Mahali Phamotse

April 3, 2021 2 min read

2 min read

THE High Court was this week informed of progress and work-plan made in the corruption case against former Minister of Education and Training Dr Mahali Phamotse who is charged along with former Principal Secretary ’Mapaseka Kolotsane and Deputy Principal Secretary Ratšiu Majara.

Senior Counsel Shaun Abrahams who represents the Crown said an exchange of documents was made between the parties involved in the case, adding that full discovery has also been made.

The prosecution, he said has further received a request for further particulars from one of the accused, adding that his team is already working on it.
He told the court that after other accused indicated that they would also request for further particulars, the parties reached an agreement that a timeline be followed.

He said they agreed that the request be made by April 20, while the prosecution should respond to the request by April 30 and a Pre-Trial Conference (PTC) be held on May 3.

King’s Counsel Salemane Phafane who represents one of the accused confirmed the agreed work-plan, although he was concerned about full discovery.

He said the prosecution should confirm that the documents received by the defense are all that they intend to rely on in their case.

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That he said should be done in order to avoid a situation whereby new documents will appear in the middle of the trial, resulting in postponements and prejudice to the defense.
The presiding judge, Justice Molefi Makara said voluminous documents should be summarised for ease of comprehension.

The accused face various charges including corruption, fraud, issuing a manifestly illegal order and conflict of interest. The alleged crimes occurred in 2015 and are in relation to a tender on development, printing, supply and delivery of text books and teachers’ guides for Grade 5 learners for the National Curriculum Development Centre.

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