Aug. 17, 2021


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Public transport fares increase by 10%

Public transport fares increase by 10%

The main taxi rank in Maseru

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THE Board of Transport has announced a 10 percent increase on public transport fares effective from October 31, the Chairperson of the board, Limema Phohlo has said.

The hike, he noted will apply to all routes across the country, adding that bus and taxi operators are expected to abide by the increase.

Mr Phohlo said a new price list will be available at the Ministry of Transport, adding that the new prices were supposed to be operational in the last financial year but could not be processed due to some constrictions.

He said they are aware that some operators always make unlawful additions on the stipulated fares, especially those operating on rural routes, promising to urgently deal with such acts.

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“The sad truth is that although we have increased the fares and many of their passengers do not earn that much, the operators are however, also faced with challenges that include amongst others petrol increase, car repairs, spares and services,” he said. LeNA

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